Friday, June 24, 2011


Monday, with great trepidation, I downloaded my email for the first time since Friday. In less than 2 hours (which included some PC errands), my Inbox was back down to 7 emails.
The rest of the week, it took less than an hour each night to deal with my Inbox. Total average of emails still in my Inbox at end of each day - 3. Sweet!
I’m habitually still waiting for the explosion of email, because I’m so used to living in my Inbox, or ignoring it and dealing with the build up later. This is bliss.

Didn’t have time to investigate VAs (Virtual Assistants) as planned, because I was working on a few movies instead. As this is my goal anyway, I didn’t mind. Actually, it’s a good thing, because as I’m rereading select pages from THE FOUR HOUR WORK WEEK, I see it’s worth taking time to set up rules before test-driving some VAs, which prevents wasted time and money.
But I’ve been thinking about my rules and tests. Thinking is free, easy to reorganize, and usually results in a quick, defined, easy to implement plan, so I’m content to wait until next week.

This week, I edited a few scripts, fundraising business plan for KickStarter, and helped a friend finish finding crew for MINE GAMES, resulting in a bunch of great guys I know working together. Always a pleasure helping talented friends make money and get to enjoy each other’s company.

I also, after two years, took the remaining jewelry I inherited, but won’t wear, from my grandma, and took it to a professional antique jewelry seller. I’ve sold some things on my own, made $800, and it’s worth losing a bit of money to gain a LOT of time, while still making money from the sales. (This decision was reached while reading the book.)

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