Friday, July 29, 2011


This week I spent hardly any time on the PC. When I could get on it, I was working on setting myself up on casting websites my GA agent wants all her actors on.
The first part of the week, I took care of a friend from LA, helping him prep for and get to film meetings. He called me a “Mama Bear” because I tend to get highly defensive when my friends are in danger. He’d never seen that side of me before. I didn’t think I was particularly growly, just focused on getting done whatever he needed, as fast as possible. Oh sure, I shared some colorful thoughts about those who have been less than nice to him, but really, I could have gone on for much longer, and in more graphic detail than I did. Really, nothing wrong with admitting you want to rip someone’s face off - slowly.
Once my friend (who is now very determined to hire me on his productions as often as possible) was safely flying home, I did some scrambling on websites for my agent.
Then I finally got to foster some kittens. 10 weeks old black brother and calico sister who were “shy” and needed some extra attention, away from their littermates. So I quickly finished preparing their room, bought food, small litterbox, and some fuzzy mice, then picked them up.
Ok, initially, the female hid under stuff, but I could usually get her to purr, and less then 24 hours later, it’s apparent I’m fostering a two-headed purr-ball. The black male is actually aggressively friendly.
Both purr when I pet them, and continue to do so when I hold them while standing and walking around. I named the black male “Mr. Friendly” and the female “Hope”.
Because they are in their own room, my cat Twinks seems, so far, oblivious to the additional house guests, though there's been some highly piqued sniffing of my fingers.
Last week I got not much of anything done. This week, I’ve been taking care of others. Because of the website stuff, I’ve not had much time for my Inbox, so it’s creeped up into the 20’s. Should smack it back down as soon as I’m done making sure I have my stuff online per my agent’s desires. My GA agaent, Jana VanDyke, communicates with me, and works her tail off. I’m happy to set up whatever tools she needs to find me gigs.
I did try contacting a stranger. In THE FOUR HOUR WORK WEEK, Tim explains the best way to do so. I was offering ideas for something the famous lawyer was thinking of having a contest for. Figure I could practice Tim’s technique and help the guy. Didn’t get past the receptionist, and because I was offering help, rather than asking for it, I couldn’t follow Tim’s script very well, but I LM and then sent an email. My head is still attached to my body. My career hasn’t been blown to smithereens. It’s all good.
Oh yeah! I was also offered a role in THE FILMMAKER. Deous is turning it into a SAG New Media production so I can “play” for pay. He’s also finally able to continue editing my Dr. Seuss stories, so I’ll have two more ready to show by the time schools starts (and my Virtual Assistant calls and books me gigs in schools and libraries). Sweet!
Would you reather be a member of a world championship sports team or be the champion of an individual sport? Which sport would you choose?

Sunday, July 24, 2011



Not my most productive week, but it at least included a performance! The whole point of less email and following the book is to do more performing, and make more money in less time.

Monday started with my annual eye exam. Since my eyes were dilated, and I couldn’t get anything else done, I scheduled other check-ups. Then I ended my day with a script read (the performance I mentioned). The read was a half-hour sitcom. After two run-throughs to rehearse, I was still smiling because between the writing and skillful acting, it was better than most airing “comedies”.
I didn’t know until 5 minutes before we went one that John Jacobson, my acting coach was there. He emailed that I “did good” - awesome words from the teacher who finally fixed my frustrating acting problems several years ago.
I got to play four characters, and was asked to join the read over the weekend. Came up with four different voices (and cheated using accents for half of them, but what I came up with delightfully enhanced my characters).

Tuesday, I rested. My fault. Not enough time to eat enough between appointments the day before.

Wed. I caught up with correspondence - emailing the writer, director, actors, and dealing with my email.

Thur. I did a bunch of misc. stuff (including filling out a form for another place that needs people to foster kittens). Kittens are more than cute. Because there were always puppies, and then kittens on my grandparents’ farm, now that they are gone, it’s a craving that has intensified. Playing with puppies and kittens makes my heart hurt a little less, particularly in the summer. I’m hoping that fostering kittens will be good therapy, as well as helping the babies.
I also talked first to the techs, and then billing at Frontier. I love them. They screw up constantly, but are wonderful about compensating customers. We’ve yet to pay the full amount of everything we get. Now we’re getting 3 months of free HBO and Cinemax. Prior to that, as a current customer, I got the Showtime package for $1 a month. (But they screwed something up after that, so the compensation makes it less than that.) SWEET!

Friday my mom called while taking care of her only grandchild. She put the phone on Speaker, so I was able to join in the fun. My 3 ½ year old nephew was playing with trains. Mom repeated what he said, so I could understand everything, and also gave visual commentary. My nephew just accepted that Aunt Di’s voice was a part of his playing. I made train sounds. He joined in. My heart is warm and full!
So I still haven’t incorporated more of THE FOUR HOUR WORK WEEK into my life, but life happens, and I still got to perform.
I also didn’t get some jobs - and I’m really glad. I’m delighted I won’t get to be a part of a feature that is crumbling into a disaster.
Things look good for an audition next Sat. The director called to ask me some SAG questions. I did my best, but mostly said, “You’ll have to ask my wonderful SAG rep., Dena Beatty.”

Friday, July 22, 2011

Do you think the world will be a better or worse place, 100 years from now?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Had fun reading 4 roles in a sitcom script read. Funny = laughing (or wanting to) during the performance, even after 2 rehearsals. :-)

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Kidnapped my film friend so he could get away from the stress of living and working on the set. We still worked on the movie though. I helped him find crew, run errands, and pretended I was a GPS after he left to help him reach his hardware store destination. Aside from a real bed, hot meals, and a washer-dryer, we saw a film, just for fun. (Actually, the film wasn’t that great, so less fun than we hoped for.)
He returned to the set a happier, more relaxed, less frazzled Art Director. Before he left our house, he told me I’m definitely hired for his own movies. Sweet!

The rest of the week was primarily doctor appointments. Good news! My gallbladder is just fine! Ran a few other errands and wasn’t feeling too well, so it seemed like I was either running around, or in bed.

I also met with a wonderful producer/director/writer friend of mine, Chris Elston. He’s “doomed” to become an A-lister. He’s that good. He’s in development for 5 films, and, since we worked so nicely together on a prior film of his, we are both eager to repeat the experience. In the meantime, I help him the best I can, and stay in touch. I’m also handing him the Hollywood Reporter magazines I’ve been getting (free, since I’m in SAG). This saves him a bundle, which is part of my job as an actress - helping the filmmaker stay cost-effective on the shoot. I’ve been able to whiz through reading the stack that piled up, thanks to the book’s speed reading technique.

SPECIAL BONUS: I auditioned for GI JOE 2! While my COVERT OPS filmmaker, Déous, brilliantly filmed the audition at my house, I suggested we figure out my wardrobe for my character in his COVER OPS pilot. Saved us both some time later on.

Despite spending so little time on the computer, I still averaged 0-2 emails in my Inbox at the end of an hour. Usually, after a week like this, I have at least 200 piled up. It’s a miracle!
Less email, but more film work! Love it!

Meanwhile, still rereading THE FOUR HOUR WORK WEEK book, highlighting sections, pondering. Not as much time spent on it this week.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Had a kick-ass audition for GI JOE 2 ("Thanks Deous!") and met with writer/director/producer Chris Elston. He's doomed to be an A-lister.

Friday, July 8, 2011



After the last few weeks of processing, my brain finally spit out the procedure for my Virtual Reunion. Jotted notes on paper over the weekend, and took the rest of it off.
Figured I’d type it out and set up everything on the PC this week, but I didn’t count on a few snags.
Spent most of Wednesday in pain, which, thankfully, finally went away in the evening. Bad news is that, apparently, I have “classic symptoms” for gallstones. I got squat done on Wednesday. (Well, nearly squat, I still managed to clear my Inbox.)

Still helping my friend on the film. We both think it’s hilarious that I, notorious for being directionally dysfunctional, was able to get him directions better than Mapquest and any other local. (It’s because I do get lost that I err on the side of paranoia and ask more specific and detailed questions.)
Also tracking down a few more crew.

My Inbox is hitting 0 emails more often, with less time. Planning on using some of my extra time to foster kittens this summer.

Oh yeah - I also, thanks to my Georgia agent (I collect reps), get to audition for “G.I. JOE 2”.

Friday, July 1, 2011

My Inbox is empty! FREEDOM! Have a happy Independence Day!


This week, my Inbox was a bit fuller, and I still haven’t tested a VA (Virtual Assistant), but for splendid reasons.
Thanks to eliminating most of my Inbox bulk, I have time for creating a Virtual Reunion website for my alumni - something I wondered if I’d have time for because I was continually behind in email, and this would generate more.
Since I plan to employ a VA to assist me on finding missing classmates and snagging info. about them off the internet, it’s important that I figure out how to streamline my Virtual Reunion - for me and my VAs.
My ultimate plan is to test VAs on some personal errands, and finding classmates.
Then I’ll move on to using proven VAs to contact schools and libraries so I can book loads Dr. Seuss Stories performances, and once that process is smoothly functioning, use them, and the book’s automation process to sell some of my inventions online. Growing as I learn, and as I eliminate wrinkles.

Since the overall goal is to save time, I am trying to, as much as possible, figure out how to organize everything in my head while also I figuring out steps and rules. I think I can then set up the system for everything in a few hours, rather than spending 2-3 days revising.
But it’s got several components, so it’s taken me some time. I also am relying on a few other people (webmistress, Dr. Seuss Stories editor) before I can put everything in full swing.
This week, I finally got a handle on how to organize the Virtual Reunion process, so as I find new people, I just copy and paste information. I also figured out how to keep track of where in the process various classmates are (find, contact, acquire info. and photos, checking their info. once it’s on the web, updates, etc.).
I’m delighted that by the end of the summer (max), the Virtual Reunion will be up and nearly all the classmates found. Before reading the book and reorganizing my life, I was wondering if this was going to happen this year or next year.

I’m reading the tabbed pages for the second time, and this week I realized that I’m not treating my Dr. Seuss Stories enough like a business. I not only need to figure out the optimal search engine words to use, but I really ought to come up with a slogan, just like I will when I sell my inventions.
The book talks about adapting a phrase from companies that have advertised in magazines for years use.
EXAMPLE: Timothy Ferriss used the Rosetta Stone slogan “The Fastest Way to Learn a Language Guaranteed“ to advertise his BodyQuick product “The Fastest Way to Increase Power and Speed Guaranteed“.
I could either pour through magazines for a few hours, or I could save time and turn the slogan search into a contest and let the 7000 people who get my newsletter email me their ideas. The winner gets to pick one of the stories I do and I’ll perform it over the phone. Some adult is going to really make a child’s day. Everyone wins!

Meanwhile, the person selling my Grandma’s jewelry is making us money while I spend no time on it, and I also sold some gold and silver scraps, which took me all of 10 minutes.
In the Film World, I spent a few minutes, making calls to help a friend who is art director for a film. He told me he’ll give me a “thanks” credit and try to snag me the only speaking role that isn’t going to an A-list actor.
In other words, in less time than it takes to drive to an audition, I might have gotten myself two film credits (and the acting gig, being SAG, comes with a nice paycheck as well as an IMDB credit).