Friday, July 1, 2011


This week, my Inbox was a bit fuller, and I still haven’t tested a VA (Virtual Assistant), but for splendid reasons.
Thanks to eliminating most of my Inbox bulk, I have time for creating a Virtual Reunion website for my alumni - something I wondered if I’d have time for because I was continually behind in email, and this would generate more.
Since I plan to employ a VA to assist me on finding missing classmates and snagging info. about them off the internet, it’s important that I figure out how to streamline my Virtual Reunion - for me and my VAs.
My ultimate plan is to test VAs on some personal errands, and finding classmates.
Then I’ll move on to using proven VAs to contact schools and libraries so I can book loads Dr. Seuss Stories performances, and once that process is smoothly functioning, use them, and the book’s automation process to sell some of my inventions online. Growing as I learn, and as I eliminate wrinkles.

Since the overall goal is to save time, I am trying to, as much as possible, figure out how to organize everything in my head while also I figuring out steps and rules. I think I can then set up the system for everything in a few hours, rather than spending 2-3 days revising.
But it’s got several components, so it’s taken me some time. I also am relying on a few other people (webmistress, Dr. Seuss Stories editor) before I can put everything in full swing.
This week, I finally got a handle on how to organize the Virtual Reunion process, so as I find new people, I just copy and paste information. I also figured out how to keep track of where in the process various classmates are (find, contact, acquire info. and photos, checking their info. once it’s on the web, updates, etc.).
I’m delighted that by the end of the summer (max), the Virtual Reunion will be up and nearly all the classmates found. Before reading the book and reorganizing my life, I was wondering if this was going to happen this year or next year.

I’m reading the tabbed pages for the second time, and this week I realized that I’m not treating my Dr. Seuss Stories enough like a business. I not only need to figure out the optimal search engine words to use, but I really ought to come up with a slogan, just like I will when I sell my inventions.
The book talks about adapting a phrase from companies that have advertised in magazines for years use.
EXAMPLE: Timothy Ferriss used the Rosetta Stone slogan “The Fastest Way to Learn a Language Guaranteed“ to advertise his BodyQuick product “The Fastest Way to Increase Power and Speed Guaranteed“.
I could either pour through magazines for a few hours, or I could save time and turn the slogan search into a contest and let the 7000 people who get my newsletter email me their ideas. The winner gets to pick one of the stories I do and I’ll perform it over the phone. Some adult is going to really make a child’s day. Everyone wins!

Meanwhile, the person selling my Grandma’s jewelry is making us money while I spend no time on it, and I also sold some gold and silver scraps, which took me all of 10 minutes.
In the Film World, I spent a few minutes, making calls to help a friend who is art director for a film. He told me he’ll give me a “thanks” credit and try to snag me the only speaking role that isn’t going to an A-list actor.
In other words, in less time than it takes to drive to an audition, I might have gotten myself two film credits (and the acting gig, being SAG, comes with a nice paycheck as well as an IMDB credit).

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