Sunday, July 24, 2011


Not my most productive week, but it at least included a performance! The whole point of less email and following the book is to do more performing, and make more money in less time.

Monday started with my annual eye exam. Since my eyes were dilated, and I couldn’t get anything else done, I scheduled other check-ups. Then I ended my day with a script read (the performance I mentioned). The read was a half-hour sitcom. After two run-throughs to rehearse, I was still smiling because between the writing and skillful acting, it was better than most airing “comedies”.
I didn’t know until 5 minutes before we went one that John Jacobson, my acting coach was there. He emailed that I “did good” - awesome words from the teacher who finally fixed my frustrating acting problems several years ago.
I got to play four characters, and was asked to join the read over the weekend. Came up with four different voices (and cheated using accents for half of them, but what I came up with delightfully enhanced my characters).

Tuesday, I rested. My fault. Not enough time to eat enough between appointments the day before.

Wed. I caught up with correspondence - emailing the writer, director, actors, and dealing with my email.

Thur. I did a bunch of misc. stuff (including filling out a form for another place that needs people to foster kittens). Kittens are more than cute. Because there were always puppies, and then kittens on my grandparents’ farm, now that they are gone, it’s a craving that has intensified. Playing with puppies and kittens makes my heart hurt a little less, particularly in the summer. I’m hoping that fostering kittens will be good therapy, as well as helping the babies.
I also talked first to the techs, and then billing at Frontier. I love them. They screw up constantly, but are wonderful about compensating customers. We’ve yet to pay the full amount of everything we get. Now we’re getting 3 months of free HBO and Cinemax. Prior to that, as a current customer, I got the Showtime package for $1 a month. (But they screwed something up after that, so the compensation makes it less than that.) SWEET!

Friday my mom called while taking care of her only grandchild. She put the phone on Speaker, so I was able to join in the fun. My 3 ½ year old nephew was playing with trains. Mom repeated what he said, so I could understand everything, and also gave visual commentary. My nephew just accepted that Aunt Di’s voice was a part of his playing. I made train sounds. He joined in. My heart is warm and full!
So I still haven’t incorporated more of THE FOUR HOUR WORK WEEK into my life, but life happens, and I still got to perform.
I also didn’t get some jobs - and I’m really glad. I’m delighted I won’t get to be a part of a feature that is crumbling into a disaster.
Things look good for an audition next Sat. The director called to ask me some SAG questions. I did my best, but mostly said, “You’ll have to ask my wonderful SAG rep., Dena Beatty.”

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