Saturday, July 16, 2011


Kidnapped my film friend so he could get away from the stress of living and working on the set. We still worked on the movie though. I helped him find crew, run errands, and pretended I was a GPS after he left to help him reach his hardware store destination. Aside from a real bed, hot meals, and a washer-dryer, we saw a film, just for fun. (Actually, the film wasn’t that great, so less fun than we hoped for.)
He returned to the set a happier, more relaxed, less frazzled Art Director. Before he left our house, he told me I’m definitely hired for his own movies. Sweet!

The rest of the week was primarily doctor appointments. Good news! My gallbladder is just fine! Ran a few other errands and wasn’t feeling too well, so it seemed like I was either running around, or in bed.

I also met with a wonderful producer/director/writer friend of mine, Chris Elston. He’s “doomed” to become an A-lister. He’s that good. He’s in development for 5 films, and, since we worked so nicely together on a prior film of his, we are both eager to repeat the experience. In the meantime, I help him the best I can, and stay in touch. I’m also handing him the Hollywood Reporter magazines I’ve been getting (free, since I’m in SAG). This saves him a bundle, which is part of my job as an actress - helping the filmmaker stay cost-effective on the shoot. I’ve been able to whiz through reading the stack that piled up, thanks to the book’s speed reading technique.

SPECIAL BONUS: I auditioned for GI JOE 2! While my COVERT OPS filmmaker, Déous, brilliantly filmed the audition at my house, I suggested we figure out my wardrobe for my character in his COVER OPS pilot. Saved us both some time later on.

Despite spending so little time on the computer, I still averaged 0-2 emails in my Inbox at the end of an hour. Usually, after a week like this, I have at least 200 piled up. It’s a miracle!
Less email, but more film work! Love it!

Meanwhile, still rereading THE FOUR HOUR WORK WEEK book, highlighting sections, pondering. Not as much time spent on it this week.

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