Friday, July 29, 2011


This week I spent hardly any time on the PC. When I could get on it, I was working on setting myself up on casting websites my GA agent wants all her actors on.
The first part of the week, I took care of a friend from LA, helping him prep for and get to film meetings. He called me a “Mama Bear” because I tend to get highly defensive when my friends are in danger. He’d never seen that side of me before. I didn’t think I was particularly growly, just focused on getting done whatever he needed, as fast as possible. Oh sure, I shared some colorful thoughts about those who have been less than nice to him, but really, I could have gone on for much longer, and in more graphic detail than I did. Really, nothing wrong with admitting you want to rip someone’s face off - slowly.
Once my friend (who is now very determined to hire me on his productions as often as possible) was safely flying home, I did some scrambling on websites for my agent.
Then I finally got to foster some kittens. 10 weeks old black brother and calico sister who were “shy” and needed some extra attention, away from their littermates. So I quickly finished preparing their room, bought food, small litterbox, and some fuzzy mice, then picked them up.
Ok, initially, the female hid under stuff, but I could usually get her to purr, and less then 24 hours later, it’s apparent I’m fostering a two-headed purr-ball. The black male is actually aggressively friendly.
Both purr when I pet them, and continue to do so when I hold them while standing and walking around. I named the black male “Mr. Friendly” and the female “Hope”.
Because they are in their own room, my cat Twinks seems, so far, oblivious to the additional house guests, though there's been some highly piqued sniffing of my fingers.
Last week I got not much of anything done. This week, I’ve been taking care of others. Because of the website stuff, I’ve not had much time for my Inbox, so it’s creeped up into the 20’s. Should smack it back down as soon as I’m done making sure I have my stuff online per my agent’s desires. My GA agaent, Jana VanDyke, communicates with me, and works her tail off. I’m happy to set up whatever tools she needs to find me gigs.
I did try contacting a stranger. In THE FOUR HOUR WORK WEEK, Tim explains the best way to do so. I was offering ideas for something the famous lawyer was thinking of having a contest for. Figure I could practice Tim’s technique and help the guy. Didn’t get past the receptionist, and because I was offering help, rather than asking for it, I couldn’t follow Tim’s script very well, but I LM and then sent an email. My head is still attached to my body. My career hasn’t been blown to smithereens. It’s all good.
Oh yeah! I was also offered a role in THE FILMMAKER. Deous is turning it into a SAG New Media production so I can “play” for pay. He’s also finally able to continue editing my Dr. Seuss stories, so I’ll have two more ready to show by the time schools starts (and my Virtual Assistant calls and books me gigs in schools and libraries). Sweet!

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