Friday, July 8, 2011


After the last few weeks of processing, my brain finally spit out the procedure for my Virtual Reunion. Jotted notes on paper over the weekend, and took the rest of it off.
Figured I’d type it out and set up everything on the PC this week, but I didn’t count on a few snags.
Spent most of Wednesday in pain, which, thankfully, finally went away in the evening. Bad news is that, apparently, I have “classic symptoms” for gallstones. I got squat done on Wednesday. (Well, nearly squat, I still managed to clear my Inbox.)

Still helping my friend on the film. We both think it’s hilarious that I, notorious for being directionally dysfunctional, was able to get him directions better than Mapquest and any other local. (It’s because I do get lost that I err on the side of paranoia and ask more specific and detailed questions.)
Also tracking down a few more crew.

My Inbox is hitting 0 emails more often, with less time. Planning on using some of my extra time to foster kittens this summer.

Oh yeah - I also, thanks to my Georgia agent (I collect reps), get to audition for “G.I. JOE 2”.

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