Friday, September 9, 2011

Engaging THE 4 HOUR WORK WEEK - Week 13 / BODY - Week 6

Massively working on my new Dr. Seuss web page (I design and write text, then my web-mistress does the cool stuff). Also created content for the next Newsletter, my website home page (the latest news), and the News section (more extensive than the Home Page content).
Meanwhile, The Giving Tree and Horton Hatches the Egg are in editing with my director, Déous, who owns Area 51 Productions, LLC. I watch and give notes as they are ready.
Plus, have to get images to an artist who creates the photo “banner” at the top of each newsletter (usually different each time). I’ve pre-paid the amazing Trish Ellis for her wonderful work. She’s worth it - particularly as new stories are finished for viewing.

Returned the shy female to the pet adoption place. Got to go in with her, hold her, and attempted to relax her with a feather toy. She took a few steps towards it, and was clearly interested, but not enough to actually engage in play. Still, no hissing, and she’s clearly more relaxed now. (I checked in a few days later, and she continued to show appreciation via kneading the air with all four feet, and fully exposing her belly as she stretched backward.)

Bunch of errands.
Wrote my FAQs for my new Dr. Seuss Storytelling website and sent them off to friends/family who have or work with kids (and parents) for feedback.

Reread in 4HB how drinking more than 16 oz. of diet soft-drinks can make you gain fat. I drank a gob of the stuff over the last week, and probably ate more than usual. I can tell I’m not shrinking this week. I’ll weigh myself tomorrow to find out for sure, but clothes are a little tighter, and it looks like I should be losing at least 2 lbs of fat a week on this diet. Crud.
I bought a new 32 oz. water container. I’ll drink water (maybe with a little lemon juice in it), as well as my usual 32 oz. water when I eat. See if that helps.

Yup. Gained a pound and a half. Crud. I’d happily weigh 1000 pounds if I looked as lean as I wanted. Come on muscles! Show yourselves!
Lemon juice in ice water goes down pretty good and I’m able to keep hydrated as well as by drinking diet soda and plain water. And I can drink 16 oz. of diet pop without harm, so I’ll use it as a “treat”.

Finally used 4HWW info. and attempted to figure out the best key search words to put on my Dr. Seuss page. Way harder than Tim makes it sound. I never actually found a place where I could hunt for the hottest words (and how many hits) when people are looking for a Dr. Seuss storyteller. Some sites cost money, or required another program, like Firefox (no comments from loyal users, I’ll get there).
Wound up doing a Google search on “Dr. Seuss storyteller”. I’m listed at the top, which is cool, but I still paged through the lists of sites and their descriptions, copying down a bunch of terms to throw onto my new web page.
Now, aside from approving the final filmed demo of Horton, and my newsletter banner, I’m done with stuff on my end.

Definitely getting stronger in my weight lifting. Tim suggests getting measured on Cheat Day, before eating forbidden foods. I haven’t measured myself since my initial measurements, so I should probably do this. It’s hard to see a difference in muscle definition, but I can tell I’m a little smaller than 6 weeks ago. Really hoping the “no diet-soda” change will make the fat loss happen faster. I lost weight like crazy when in Germany, eating cheese, pastries, ice cream, and whatever else I wanted, often starving an hour after eating, (but I was also walking about 6 miles each day). I also didn’t drink anything but water.
Some people in Tim’s book, who lose lots of weight, work out more than the minimal amount. I want to add things that will improve my body, using minimal time, before adding back the hour of glide machine I used to do on days I didn’t lift weights. I can use the extra time, outside the gym.

My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by 9/11, and the natural disasters that have been hitting our country.

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