Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Engaging THE 4 HOUR WORK WEEK - Week 10 / BODY - Week 3

I’ve lost FOUR pounds!!!

Before you shrug this off, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1- I’ve never lost a pound of fat a week. Ever. (Aside from that one time when a shark and alligator used me as a smorgasbord.)

2 - It’s easy for me to gain muscle, which I’m also working on. The scale isn’t sharing how many pounds of muscle is replacing pounds of fat lost. (Not even a threat of massive electrocution - the scale refused to budge.)

3 - My clothes continue to loosen up. Today I put on my shorts, and thought I’d forgotten to button them. Cool!

4 - I love Pig Out Day - and weighing less a few days after eating crap. I’m eating crap more often on this diet than I do when I try to always eat as good as possible. Once a week?! Bliss!

Finally finished reading all the way through THE 4 HOUR BODY. I’ve started looking into undoing my injuries.

Took advantage of the heat and washed sweaters, the feather duster, my makeup brushes, and anything else that needs to hang dry.

We’re fostering two new kittens. 7 weeks old. Tiny. Adorable. Both are supposed to be shy, but only one truly is. The smaller on is a male (who ate and grew and ate and grew until he’s about the same size as his sister). He’s quite vocal and insists on attention, being held, rubbed, loved, and trots up to me like a little puppy when I open the door. He’s adorably sweet.
His sister’s initial reaction to anyone was “HISS!” but it was all noise. She was too small to do attempt damage. I kept petting and holding her while she ate, when she was super sleepy, and while she played. She’s not scared of humans; she’s nervous about anything, including toys. But she admits that getting scratched on her face and under her chin feels good, and today, for the first time, she finally purred while I pet her! On two separate occasions!!

*I’m in the first short of THE SACRED SAGA, shooting this fall.

*I came up with a mock commercial, wrote it, and am helping Deous produce it. Plus I have the only female role. It’s short, funny, and I truly believe the public will fully appreciate it.

*THE GIVING TREE initial edit is complete. I asked for a few tweaks. There are some technical imperfections, and we’d like to reshoot it, but as a demo, to get me hired for my DR. SEUSS SHOW, it’ll do.

This week is a little late due to a busy weekend, and then I was sick for a few days. (I never get sick due to stress. It just happens sometimes.)

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