Saturday, August 13, 2011

Engaging THE 4 HOUR WORK WEEK - Week 9 / BODY - Week 2

This week I continued to focus on the 4 HOUR BODY book, reading more info., making adjustments, saving various body-work for later, and learning a bunch.
Pretty sure I gained a little fat last week, but I was eating way too many calories at once (and probably total), so this week I tried to eat 200 calories every 2 hours and I’m noticing a slight looseness in some clothes! The “6-pack abs” exercises are getting easier each time I do them, and I’ve finished the first round of 3 different days of weight lifting. Tomorrow, I start again with the 3-4 “pushing” exercises.
To make sure my form is correct for the various misc. exercises (new to me), I’m taking my time - checking the book, looking at the mirror, adjusting my posture, and even asking staff to help eyeball and comment on my form. I figure it’ll take a few weeks before I learn how to do everything properly.
I’ve been on a quest for plastic “toe spreaders” (mentioned in the book) to undo my bunions. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard they are reversible without surgery. They are small, but I don’t want any, and I figure the best way to avoid ever needing surgery is to get rid of them completely. So each night, I’m slowly spending a few more minutes with my toes spread, using foam spreaders. Today I finally found rubber spreaders, which hold the toes apart better than mere foam. I figure this winter I can sleep in them and by next summer - bye-bye bunions.
The book talks quite a bit about reversing internal scar tissue, making sure both right and left muscles are equally strong, and various other things that should undo a lifetime build-up of injury (topped off by that stupid car accident 2 years ago). I’ll work on stuff, bit by bit. Injury corrected is also injury prevented.
Yesterday I read how to train for one hour plus bike rides via 15 intense minutes total ride time, spread over two weeks. I’ll add that to my weekly workouts once I get the current exercises down. I was more upset by the four minute wait time between 30 second sets, but then I realized I can get back to speed reading my Hollywood Reporter magazines during the wait. Excellent! I must have a strong body that can go forever to make all the action films I’ve been cast in.
Spend three days mostly preparing for winter weather. For the past two years, in September I stock up on vitamins, food, toiletries, and any other supplies I might need before April. If all goes well, I don’t have to shop much in the Spring. If disaster hits, we’re comfortably stocked. Since I was running out of stuff now and September is just a few weeks away, decided to save time and just get it over with now.
I also spent my second week of fostering the two rapidly growing 12 week old kittens. I highly recommend regular Kitten Breaks to heal a grieving heart. Thursday night I returned the kitties and they were so much more relaxed around people. Hooray!! Our cat was finally allowed into the room where they stayed and there was some very intense sniffing for a while. This was immediately followed by some hissing and stomping, but now that I’ve cleaned up the room, Twinks has relaxed. We are hoping, at some point, our cat, and we, will bond with a little kitten, and keep it.
Edited another script. Another writer is considering me to edit her factual book.
Introduced a director I know to my live entertainer (Dr. Seuss Stories) agent so he can film her actors doing sample performances, as well as clients’ parties and events.
My email is back at ZERO. Bliss!

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