Sunday, June 27, 2010

GERMANY TRIP BLOG – DAY 3 - 5-25-10 - Family Time

Woke up around 1:00 a.m. feeling better. Cleaned my teeth and sorted my toiletries bag. Put lotion on my face. Took more drugs and went back to bed. (Didn’t want to disturb Mom so I’m still wearing the same clothes I left home in.) Still, things are looking up!

Slept and woke during the morning. Dizzy. Room spinning while I was laying down. Stomach rumbled, but ignored it. I finally got up at 9:00 a.m., German time. The one good thing about getting so sick is that my body automatically adjusted to the time zone change.

Marlies showed me where all the leftover food was (there’s always plenty, including 4 desserts). She poked holes in the plastic wrap over the scrambled eggs she made for breakfast (so I could microwave the food). Matt, Mom, Marlies, and Maryam left to visit Nico in the hospital. Peter was on their deck. Dad was working on the computer.

Brought my German vocabulary books and notes to the table. Before I could dig into my eggs, Peter came over. I asked him questions about German words. He enjoyed learning and reviewing the English words and loves my “German in 10 Minutes a Day” book. We talked so much, it took a while for me to eat, but it was great to learn the proper pronunciation for words, and which neuter they were.

Peter wanted me to take a walk with he and Dad. I told him I was just too tired. He wants to take a walk with me later this afternoon. I smiled and nodded. Doubt it'll happen. Too tired, but I want to please him.

Finally able to updated my diaries. Dizzy again, so will nap before sorting vitamins. Sure hope flying doesn't do this to me from now on. Mom, Matt, and Marlies arrived just before I finished working on the computer.

Slept from 1:00 to around 6:00 pm, I think. Tried and tried and tried to wake up enough to get up, but I was so dizzy and tired. Mom came in and as I talked to her I finally woke up. Marlies made Mom a special B. Day cake that was soaked in alcohol. They saved me a piece, so I snagged it.

Marlies was in the kitchen and she sliced me some whole wheat bread and set out the sliced meats and cheese. I ate one slice of bread with some meat and cheese on it. Had a few bites of the cake.

I ate and Marlies sat at the table with me and we went over German words. I asked her how to say some things in German, and reviewed from the “10 Minutes A Day” book, which she also really liked. Trying to say “Czechoslovakia” in German is really hard – six or seven weird sounding syllables.

I'm slowly learning how to correctly pronunciate German words better, just by reading the German words. Peter and Marlies are impressed by my ability to count to 1000 in German. (I think numbers are easy to learn, in any language.)
Mom, Peter, and Dad wandered in and out while Matt picked up the car. He also visited Nico twice today. They bonded over the Simpsons. Nico’s arm is in a cast, but because bones protruded, he’s on antibiotics for a few days. Mom pointed out that in America they send the kid home with pills. In Germany, kids have an I.V. and remain monitored in the hospital.

I sorted my vitamins while Mom reorganizing her clothes, chatting as we worked. Peter wanted to leave for Nani’s (and the BBQ dinner). My stuff was all over. I quickly threw like items together (I hoped). Matt drove Mom, Dad, and I to Nani and Josef's house. Peter and Marlies arrived later.

Matt and I stayed in Joscha's room. Nico was in the hospital with his broken arm, so Joscha slept in his brother's room. I saw Maryam again. She's 19. Joscha is 16. Nico will be 15 in a week.

In the living room, I sat with Maryam and went through some German food words. Nani served punch with wine and another type of alcohol (tasty). It has a one word name in German. Nani kept asking me the English word "punch". We helped each other.

Mom, Dad, Nani, and Josef were outside. I took some pictures. Joseph showed me their pet rabbit. They had another, but Natasha, the dog, killed it. Tried to make friends with the bunny, but Natasha was also nearby, so it wouldn't come near me.

Inside the house is a tall cage, where Nico's pet chipmunk, Monk, lives. Monk wakes up in the morning and lets you hold and pet him. (Nico wanted an ape, but they got Monk at a pet store for him as compensation.)

While we ate, someone compared Peter to Homer Simpson, and Matt fell apart laughing, then the rest of us cracked up. I was tired, but really wanted to see Nico before we left Seigan. I knew if I didn’t see him tonight, we wouldn’t see each other at all. How could I disappoint him, when he was so sad his broken arm kept him from seeing “the Americans”? So after dinner Maryam drove Matt and I to see him.

Nico was quiet. He was drinking juice before we arrived and it splashed out the top and onto his pillow, blanket, and mattress. He’d also had a nose bleed. The his I.V. is in his hand is sore. Maryam (planning to be a midwife) hustled around, contacting the nurse, cleaning up what she could, making Nico more comfortable. He really liked the American candy I brought him.

When we got back to Nani and Yoseph’s, I finally met Nani’s middle son, Joscha. He was working overtime because he got extra pay for working at the grocery store during the Pentacost holiday. He'll use the money to pay for a driving class, then work on the machines that make doors and windows for houses. It was around 11:00, so I finally told everyone goodnight, then went upstairs to get ready for bed.

While getting ready for bed, figured I should sort vitamins tonight, in case I was too tired (and ran out of time) in the morning. Then I could just get up tomorrow. Snagged stuff in bags and went to the living room. Divided the rest of my vitamins while charging stuff. For some reason, my Sonicare toothbrush won't charge in my extension cord, but got camera, phone, and PC charged.

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