Sunday, June 27, 2010

GERMANY TRIP – DAY 1 - Sunday 5-23-10 – Flight!

We left for the airport at 10:30 a.m.
We checked in and almost got to fly directly to Germany because they overbooked our flight, but another woman got the deal. In the lounge, I asked Matt to help me figure out "Germany time" so I'd know when to sleep and wake and stuff on the plane. Snagged some delicious chocolate with choc. chip cookies and dried fruit from the over-crowded lounge. Matt walked around the airport for a while.
I finally worked on editing one of my book reviews for Just before we left, I overheard a woman wondering where the bathroom was. I showed her (since I needed to go too) and she called me her guardian angel. Told her I was just doing my job. "I hope they pay you well," she replied.
Matt loves the short lines in business class. On the plane, Matt cried while watching the plane take off on his mini-TV – there are cameras in front of the plane and under it. I held his hand and watched with him. Interesting to switch to speaking French (after working on German) for the Air France flight.
Matt's like a little kid on the plane. Gets excited about our goodie bags and all the interesting things that go with flying business class.
Head pain was definitely worse while we flew (thanks to being a passenger in a car accident June 13, 2009.) Took a pain pill. Could have gone to sleep, but they were feeding us in a short time, so stayed awake. Watched part of “The Incredible Mr. Fox”. So grateful you can pause the movies on flights now.
As soon as I was done eating dessert, and the movie was done, I got ready for bed. Took more pain pills as I slept and woke. Matt barely got any sleep. I was able to keep going to sleep. A baby cried. People talked. One guy was talking to another person loud enough for the entire cabin to hear him. I mimed asking him to please talk softer, and he did.

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